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Blog thumbnail PUDGY PENGUINS Collection Feature

Pudgy Penguins: The NFT Collection Taking NFTfi by Storm

March 28, 2023

March 2023 has been a record-smashing month for these ice-cool customers, with over $750k+ in loan volume. Seeing these stats, you might be wondering if you’ve missed the boat? Quite the opposite!

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Blog thumbnail KILLABEARS NFTfi

March 20, 2023

KILLABEARS: horrifyingly lovable collateral on NFTfi

An elite crew of 3,333 bears with serious main character energy, crafted by master illustrator Memo Angeles. Often described as “horrifyingly lovable”, it turns out some bears have a side hustle - maximizing liquidity opportunities via NFTfi.

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Blog thumbnail Creepz NFTfi

March 13, 2023

NFTfi x Creepz: the long-term liquidity lizards 🦎

Three things are certain: OVERLORD has ripped up the playbook, the revolution is underway and Creepz, the lovable, lore-steeped lizards, are here to stay. How are Creepz making the most of NFTfi?

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Blog thumbnail CloneX feature NFTfi

March 08, 2023

CloneX: A community of creative visionaries, cultural innovators and liquidity legends

CloneX’s cultural capital is firmly secured, but what about other kinds of capital? As it turns out, the CloneX community are also clearly OG NFTfi power users! Holders have been borrowing and lending against their unique assets since 2021. Let’s take a closer look!

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creepz lending competition

March 06, 2023

NFT lending competition on Creepz

In the next 14 days, you can take out a loan on Creepz and receive an asset from the Creepz Reptile Armoury. Read more to learn how.

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win rektguy on NFTfi blog cover

February 24, 2023

Get your rektguy on NFTfi!

Together with the rektguy community, we are organizing a raffle to give away rektguy #1157! Read more and learn how to participate.

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Rektguy The Fastest Growing Launch of NFTfi blog cover

February 21, 2023

Rektguy Community Ahead of the Curve with NFT-Collateralized Loans

The rektguy community has quickly captured mainstream attention while simultaneously breaking records on NFTfi as well as the fastest-ever adopted new project on the platform.

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Blog thumbnail Bundles PR

January 26, 2023

Start using NFTfi bundles for multi-collateral loans!

Reusable NFTfi bundles are the most gas efficient way to take out crypto loans secured by more than one NFT. They allow borrowers to collateralize multiple NFTs at once, and renegotiate as well as renew multi-collateral loans quickly and gas-efficiently.

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Introducing USDC

December 21, 2022

Introducing USDC on NFTfi

NFTfi is introducing USDC (USD Coin) as the third cryptocurrency (next to wETH and DAI) for taking out and giving out loans. When making a loan offer or listing an asset as collateral, users can select USDC under loan terms.

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NFTfi Obligation receipts

December 01, 2022

Obligation receipts and how to transfer borrower rights on NFTfi

An obligation receipt allows its holder to exercise the right to get the NFT asset back once the loan is repaid, and borrowers can now transfer or sell it. This feature is not yet officially supported!

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Colelction offers blog NFTfi

November 14, 2022

Start placing Standing Collection Offers (SCOs)!

Our new SCO feature is a new loan offer type, allowing lenders to submit loan offers that are valid for any currently listed NFT or, in the future, to be listed NFT of a particular NFT collection.

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NFT finance podcast NFTfi

October 27, 2022

NFTfi: The P2P NFT Collateralized Lending Platform

Stephen Young, founder, and CEO of NFTfi joins The NFT Finance Podcast and, in this episode, talks about his background, the origin of NFTfi, p2p vs. p2pool, real-world assets on chain and their immediate use cases, and the future of NFTfi.

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