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epicenter podcast

NFTfi – P2P NFT Lending Protocol: From PFPs & Art to RWA

August 11, 2023

Stephen Young and Storm from NFTfi joined the Epicenter Podcast to discuss the general state of the NFT market, future prospects for NFT development, and how NFTfi, a P2P NFT lending platform, unlocks new sources of liquidity in this bear market.

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Twitter thread NFTfi Earn season 1

August 08, 2023

Earn Season 1: Introducing Loan Streaks

Today, we are updating Earn Season 1 by introducing loan streaks, a new way to secure Earn Bonus Points. This feature specifically rewards platform loyalty and long-term loans.

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Blog thumbnail allowances explained

August 03, 2023

A complete guide to allowances on NFTfi

In this article, we explain everything borrowers and lenders need to know about allowances on NFTfi. In order to fund or repay loans on NFTfi, our smart contracts need permission to move the ERC-20 tokens you are using.

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NFTfi Earn season 1 APR update

July 05, 2023

Earn Season 1: APR Incentive Update

After 6 weeks post-launch, the average loan APRs on NFTfi continue to drop and NFTfi has become the leading NFT lending protocol by outstanding debt. Today we’re making Earn Season 1 more inclusive.

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NFTfi Blog thumbnail borrower fees explained

July 04, 2023

What do borrowers need to know about gas fees on NFTfi?

In this article, we explain everything a borrower needs to know about gas fees (fees paid to validators through your independent wallet applications) on NFTfi.

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Double circles

June 19, 2023

How to start borrowing at NFTfi?

This step-by-step guide will help you become a borrower on NFTfi. As a borrower, you offer your NFTs as collateral to receive wETH, DAI, or USDC loans from the lender.

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Blog thumbnail PUNKS Collection Feature

June 07, 2023

CryptoPunks: The first collection to hit $100M milestone on NFTfi

CryptoPunks are the undisputed OGs of the NFT world, and reached a monumental milestone in May 2023, becoming the first collection to surpass $100M in total loan volume on NFTfi.

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NFTfi Earn season 1

May 15, 2023

Earn Season 1: Rewarding NFT lovers for responsible NFT loans

Healthy credit markets are fundamental to the growth of the NFT space overall. With this in mind, Earn Season 1 has been designed with a clear goal: to reward NFT lovers for borrower-friendly loan terms and a healthy lending market on NFTfi.

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Blog thumbnail DOODLES Collection Feature

May 09, 2023

Doodles: Coloring the world with joy, one loan at a time

Surpassing $18 million in loan volume recently, Doodles have proudly secured a spot in NFTfi's top 5 collections of all time. In this article, we explore the reasons behind the stellar success of Doodles.

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Blog thumbnail ARTBLOCKS Collection Feature

April 28, 2023

Art Blocks on NFTfi: A community-first approach to liquidity

Art Blocks holders have been trusting NFTfi since February 2021. The cumulative monthly loan volume has steadily increased ever since, and the total loan volume has now surpassed an impressive $36M.

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Blog thumbnail NFTfi Rewards

April 25, 2023

Introducing NFTfi Rewards

Our ultimate goal is to transform NFTfi into a user-owned and operated protocol. With the NFTfi Rewards program we are taking the first step towards that future, hand in hand with all you NFT lovers out there.

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Blog thumbnail NFTfi Rewards FAQ

April 25, 2023

NFTfi Rewards FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the NFTfi Rewards program. We will periodically update this blog post with new information.

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