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Start using NFTfi bundles for multi-collateral loans!

January 26, 2023

Reusable NFTfi bundles are the most gas efficient way to take out crypto loans secured by more than one NFT. They allow borrowers to collateralize multiple NFTs at once, and renegotiate as well as renew multi-collateral loans quickly and gas-efficiently.

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Introducing USDC

December 21, 2022

Introducing USDC on NFTfi

NFTfi is introducing USDC (USD Coin) as the third cryptocurrency (next to wETH and DAI) for taking out and giving out loans. When making a loan offer or listing an asset as collateral, users can select USDC under loan terms.

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NFTfi Obligation receipts

December 01, 2022

Obligation receipts and how to transfer borrower rights on NFTfi

An obligation receipt allows its holder to exercise the right to get the NFT asset back once the loan is repaid, and borrowers can now transfer or sell it. This feature is not yet officially supported!

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Colelction offers blog NFTfi

November 14, 2022

Start placing Standing Collection Offers (SCOs)!

Our new SCO feature is a new loan offer type, allowing lenders to submit loan offers that are valid for any currently listed NFT or, in the future, to be listed NFT of a particular NFT collection.

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Calendar Reminders NFTfi blog

September 07, 2022

Calendar Reminders — Never Miss a Loan Due Date Again!

We’re announcing calendar reminders to help you with repaying your loans on time. Calendar reminders are a new feature that allows you to add calendar notifications for an active loan due date and time to your personal calendar.

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NFTfi loan renegotiations blog

August 30, 2022

Introducing Loan Renegotiations

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of one of the most requested features by our community. Starting today, NFTfi borrowers and lenders can renegotiate their loan terms anytime before the loan has been foreclosed.

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NFTfi Promissory Note blog

February 02, 2021

The NFTfi Promissory Note: tokenizing loans as NFTs (ERC721)

When the borrower accepts your loan offer the NFTfi smart contract mints an ERC721 NFT into your account. We call this token a NFTfi Promissory Note.

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