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Introducing NFTfi Rewards

April 25, 20232 min read

Blog thumbnail NFTfi Rewards

If you have used NFTfi before April 13th you might have some OG points waiting for you.

Since we invented NFT lending with the first trustless NFT backed loan in June 2020, NFTfi has grown from zero to over $400,000,000 in loan volume. And it’s all thanks to you.

Our ultimate goal is to transform NFTfi into a user-owned and operated protocol. With the NFTfi Rewards program we are taking the first step towards that future, hand in hand with all you NFT lovers out there.

How does it work?

Eligible borrowers and lenders can now earn exclusive, non-transferable reward points. We have reserved OG reward points for those who contributed to our success. If you participated in a successful (repaid) loan as a lender or borrower before the snapshot, head over to the dApp and check your balance!

NFTfi OG Points v2

To secure your reserved OG Points, start an eligible loan as a borrower or lender before June 12th, or they expire. Some lending patterns are not eligible (lending to yourself, for instance) to secure OG Points.

The loans securing your OG points already count for Earn Season 1, the next phase of NFTfi Rewards. In fact, ALL eligible loans successfully repaid after the snapshot already count.

This is not an offer of tokens or securities. Reward points are at present not redeemable. They are planned to be redeemable for blockchain tokens at a later point in time for eligible users. Certain persons (such as US residents, other US persons and persons located in the US) are not eligible to participate in NFTfi Rewards, and their points (if any) will not be redeemable. For details, see the NFTfi Rewards FAQ.

Haven't used NFTfi yet? Not to worry!

On May 15th we’re officially kicking off Earn Season 1. You’ll be able to receive rewards points for your loans on NFTfi. Larger loans and lower APRs may mean more points… Stay tuned for details!

How to secure OG Points May15

This is just the beginning. We’ll have many more exciting surprises for you.

For now, check your OG Point balance in the dApp, and make sure to secure your points in time.


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