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NFTfi Rewards FAQ

April 25, 20235 min read

Blog thumbnail NFTfi Rewards FAQ

This FAQ complements the Introducing NFTfi Rewards blog post.

NFTfi Rewards program

What is the NFTfi Rewards program?

NFTfi Rewards is our new loyalty program which aims to reward and thank loyal users for using the NFTfi platform. Eligible users can earn virtual, non-transferable reward points (e.g., OG Points and Earn Points) for activities such as lending and borrowing.

What can reward points be redeemed for?

Currently, reward points are not redeemable and simply show the loyalty level of a user. However, they are planned to become redeemable for blockchain tokens and/or other benefits at a later point in time for eligible persons. Again, U.S. residents and other U.S. persons are not considered eligible persons, and their points will not be redeemable. The eligibility of non-U.S. persons is at NFTfi's sole discretion and may take into account regulatory circumstances per jurisdiction. NFTfi makes no guarantees or promises regarding the issuance of any blockchain tokens. The timeline for a token issuance, whether or not an issuance occurs, and the conversion rate between reward points and tokens are all at NFTfi's sole discretion.

What are “eligible” loans in the NFTfi Rewards program?

We have partnered with a leading analytics firm to detect and exclude, on an ongoing basis, loan patterns which we - at our sole discretion - deem fraudulent and harmful to the NFTfi Rewards program (non-eligible lending behavior). The exact patterns are not public for obvious reasons, but if you don’t borrow/lend with yourself, collude with others to farm points, execute loans for more than an NFT is worth, etc. your loans should be eligible.

Who is not eligible to participate in NFTfi Rewards?

U.S. residents, other U.S. persons, and residents of countries or regions subject to sanctions, embargoes, or other restrictions imposed by the United States government or other applicable international authorities as well as persons subject to sanctions imposed by applicable international authorities are not eligible to participate in NFTfi Rewards. While all users may technically be able to view and accumulate rewards points within their accounts, the aforementioned groups of persons will not be able to redeem rewards points. We encourage users to consult with their own legal advisors or tax professionals to understand their eligibility for the NFTfi Rewards program and any potential legal or tax implications that may arise from participating in the program. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

OG Points

What are OG Points?

OG Points are one type of loyalty reward points. They are allocated to (reserved for) all NFTfi borrowers and lenders who were part of a successfully repaid loan before the snapshot. If that’s you, you’ll see an OG Point allocation when you connect your wallet to the dapp again. Defaulted loans and loans still ongoing during the snapshot are not eligible for OG Points. Loans still ongoing during the snapshot already count for Earn Season 1 if successfully repaid, so they are not missing out. 

How do I secure my OG Points?

You can secure your OG Points by starting an eligible loan as a borrower or lender post snapshot and before Monday, June 12th, 3pm CET. Loans that were already ongoing during the snapshot do not secure OG Point allocations. Loan-renegotiations do not secure OG Points. A new, eligible loan has to be started post snapshot and before Monday 15th 3pm CET. Repayment is not necessary to secure OG Points for either borrower or lender. However, only if repaid successfully, these loans already count towards the subsequent Earn Season 1, where larger loans and lower APRs may earn more points. OG Points not secured in time, or secured using non-eligible lending behavior, expire.

How were the OG Point allocation balances calculated?

Everyone who was part of a repaid loan as a borrower or a lender before the snapshot received a base balance of OG Points. The large majority of points were allocated based on volume, and a smoothing function was applied to outliers. Borrowers and lenders received roughly an equal share of points. Only loans that were successfully repaid before the snapshot received points. Loans that defaulted before the snapshot date and loans that were still ongoing during the snapshot did not receive points. Loans that were still ongoing during the snapshot and get repaid successfully, will count for Earn Season 1. 

I followed your account and retweeted the announcement tweet, how do I get my bonus OG Points?

We will be in touch before May 15th via Twitter DM (make sure they are open)

How are OG Points different from Earn Points?

Both OG Points and Earn Points are both loyalty reward points. They will have similarities and differences you’ll learn about at a later point in time.

Earn Season 1

All eligible loans successfully repaid after the snapshot already count for Earn Season 1. 

Stay tuned for more detailed info 🙂


Our vision is to make NFTfi a protocol owned and operated by its users. Given the fluid nature of the regulatory landscape at the moment and that regulatory compliance is a top priority for NFTfi, we reserve the right to make changes to these plans if we deem necessary. Any new information will be published on our blog at


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